The Mystic Soul Bubbas       



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Two Virginia Blue Eyed Soul Legends, Ammon Tharp and Steve Bassett, along with their cookin' seven-piece group play classic soul, boogie 'n blues. If you want your dance floor to be filled, this is your band!

Minutes of The Mystic Soul Bubbas

The Mystic Soul Bubbas received it’s earliest charter in Alabama at Muscle Shoals Sound dark into one late night, with founders Roger Hawkins, David Hood, and Steve Bassett in attendance. The Mystic Soul Creed was established, Secret Ceremonial Handshakes were exchanged, and Mystic Soul Sacraments were passed .

Through three decades of Mystic Soul Lodge Meetings, torches have been lit in deep respect of those highest of Llamas who have gone before. Further gatherings of the Mystic Soul Bubbas embraced Randy McCormick, Larry Byrom, Steve Melton, Jim Horn, Kelvin Holly, and Bryan Owings.

The Virginia Chapter was brought to order in Richmond at the top of this millenium with the recitation of the Mystic Soul Chant and Secret Soul Handshakes. Ammon Tharp, Kevin “Ambassador Shaggy” Moss, Ed Cogle, Randy Moss, and Steve Bassett were in attendance. Continued gatherings of the Virginia Lodge embraced Cornell Jones, Steven Mabry, Tommy Loyola, and Joel Joyner . Upon reaffirmation of the Mystic Soul Creed, a schedule of public presentations has been established. These dates are listed on the Mystic Soul Bubba Calender

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